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Bronzer en polvo x Marikowskaya

Get a dreamy glow, without losing your skin’s natural radiance


Returns and exchanges for free within 45 days

¿Quién no querría tener una piel bañada por el sol todos los días del año?

Este bronzer en polvo consigue lo mismo que unas vacaciones eternas cerca del mar. Tiene una textura ultra fina y sedosa que se integra sin dejar parches en la piel y aporta al momento un bronceado fresco y radianteCon ese punto rojizo después del típico día de playa, pero en su versión más favorecedora y natural. 

Cantidad: 8 gr
PAO: 24 m

Bronzer en polvo x Marikowskaya


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Returns and exchanges for free within 45 days

Our promise: no one will be able to tell if you’ve used this bronzer, or you’ve just got back from a long weekend in the sun

The most important thing to us when formulating this product was for it to leave you with an authentic tan, without hiding away your skin’s natural radiance and freshness. Our goal was to find the perfect middle ground between warm and cool tones, with a barely-there, ultra-fine texture. So all you’ll have to do is decide what to say when people say you’re looking nice and brown.  

And it’s buildable. Create your ideal tan 
The sunkissed effect you’ve always wanted.
Hello Etna and Teide  

We’ve developed two shades that work for all skin types.


A shade with a touch of warmth that works for lighter skins, without looking too orange, or grey.


A toasty shade with a hint of rosyness that works for medium-dark skin tones. 

How to apply it. Where. And a tip from a professional makeup artist

With vitamin E

Acts as the main antioxidant and keeps the product in perfect condition for longer.

Coated with a natural alternative to silicone treatment 

Thanks to this treatment, the powder is super fine and silky, and the formula is more compact and robust. That’s how we make sure little knocks and bumps won’t make your new favourite bronzer crumble.

With natural texturizers, enriched with macadamia oil

We’ve made sure it feels dreamy and using it is a joy, thanks to its super light, buildable texture, with a glowing matte finish.

“Teide is beautiful. I love its rosy tone”

 “This powder bronzer is the trick I keep up my sleeve to get glowing, vibrant skin”  

"Wow. This really is a beach tan! My new favourite!”

Questions you might have about this bronzer

What’s the difference between powder bronzer and cream bronzer?

Although these two products share a name and their main job is to give your face warmth and volume, the powder version is much more versatile than the cream version. Cream bronzer is formulated to be used for strategic areas of the face, whilst powder bronzer, thanks to its ultra-fine texture and second-skin effect, can be used in different ways, as we’ll explain below under “What can you use a powder bronzer for?”    

Does the fact it’s a powder mean it will dry out my skin?

Not in the least. It’s a super fine, silky powder that has nothing but respect for your skin’s natural radiance. Its formula is enriched with macadamia oil to keep your skin supple and feeling good.

How do I apply it?

Apply it to the parts of the faces that go brown naturally, until you achieve the intensity you’re after. You’ll find a video by Mariko just above which explains it beautifully and is nice and easy to copy :)

I’ve already got a cream bronzer. Can I combine the two?

Of course! You can either apply the powder bronzer and then the cream bronzer to boost its durability, or the other way around. The way you apply it will depend on the results you’re aiming for. If you finish off with powder bronzer, it’ll seal your look and the finish will be slightly more matte. If you finish off your makeup with the cream bronzer, the result will be slightly more radiant.

What can you use a powder bronzer for?

The real question is, what can’t you use it for? It’s a staple makeup product that’s used to restore volume to the face after you’ve applied foundation and concealer, to get a tanned look without having to sunbathe, to adjust the shade of your foundation if it’s not quite right, or to seal cream bronzers or other cream products. And, it gives you a healthy glow in a flash. 

How do I know which tone is right for me?

If you’ve got light or light-medium skin, your shade is Etna. If your skin tone is medium or medium-dark, it’s Teide. Remember that in summer our skin gets darker, so depending on your skin tone, Teide might make sense for you. Still not sure?  Send us a message and we’ll give you a hand.

What kind of brush should I use?

No stiff brushes. Use brushes with slightly looser bristles to be able to blend the product at the same time as you apply it. The size of the brush will depend on the precision you need, and the intensity you’re after. The larger the area you’re applying it to, the larger the brush you’ll need. 

If when I try it I don’t like it or it’s not the right shade, can I return it or exchange it?

Of course. You’ve got 15 days to try it and decide whether to keep it. If you’ve chosen the wrong shade, we’ll exchange it at no cost at all.  


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