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Capri blusher


Elba lipstick


Solstice palette


Oia blusher


Milos lipstick


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Look with Solstice eyeshadow Palette, Capri Blusher and Elba Cream Lipstick

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Look with Oia cream blusher on cheeks and lips

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Look with Oia and Capri cream blushes, Milos cream lipstick and Solstice eyeshadow palette

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Look with Solstice eyeshadow palette, Capri Blusher and Elba Lipstick

Summer Colours Collection

Oia cream blusher

There’s nothing like the beauty of the sunsets in Oia, in Santorini, where the sky turns a thousand colours, one of them being a coral with a hint of pink, like this blusher which leaves your cheeks looking light and fresh.  

Capri cream blusher

We wanted to capture that magical, strong, vibrant light of the sunsets on the island of Capri, and we came up with this blusher. A warm red that gives you that sunkissed effect.

Solstice eyeshadow palette

Summer is the time when the energy of the sun is at its zenith. It looks down on us from on high, irradiating its magnetism. We’ve captured its beauty in this eyeshadow palette of six warm, vibrant tones that will bring out the sparkle in your eyes and your natural tan.  

Milos lipstick

Do you identify with the Greek island of Milos? Calm and gentle, but powerful. Like this shade of coral pink, perfect for the times you want an instant touch of colour and freshness.

Elba lipstick

Elba is a Mediterranean island bursting with beauty, and with warm brown tones. This neutral nude is reminiscent of its fine sand and hidden coves, and is the perfect lip colour for those days when you want to look gorgeous, elegant and understated. 

Made with natural active ingredients that hydrate and care for your skin 

Shea butter

Visibly regenerates any cracks and roughnes, as well.

Olive Oil

This helps keep skinhydrated, nourished and elasticall day long. It’s also full of antioxidants that slow down ageing.

Jojoba Oil

To keep skin hydrated, prevent premature ageing and balance out oiliness or dryness.

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