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Iluminador Líquido Maat

Deja un velo precioso y radiante en la piel

Nos gustan las pieles ligeras, casi desnudas, luminosas. Maat es el  iluminador líquido con destellos bronceados. 

Luminosidad natural en estado puro que parece que salga de tu propia piel. Enriquecido con aceite de romero, aceite de jojoba, de oliva, extracto de romero y Vitamina E.

✨ Acabado satinado 
✨ Se funde en la piel 
✨ Luminosidad natural y elegante
✨ No aporta nada de textura


Cantidad: 8g

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Iluminador Líquido Maat


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Step 1: Choose the perfect tone for you with our color test (95% reliability). If you still have doubts, go to point nº 2.

Step 2: Choose the perfect tone for you with our color test (95% reliability). If you still have doubts, go to point nº 2.

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What can you expect from this highlighter?

You know when you see someone with glowing, hydrated, healthy skin, and you wonder how on earth they do it? That’s the look this highlighter will give you.

The trick is to add light to the high points of the face to restore its natural volume and enhance your features in seconds.

We love this highlighter because its liquid formula:

· Blends beautifully with the rest of your makeup.
· Has a satin effect, not a shiny one.
· Has a smooth texture.
· It lights you up, as if from the inside out.

How to apply this highlighter and make the very most of it

1. Before your foundation for a super subtle boost to your glow.

2. With your foundation to achieve a plumper effect all over your face.

3. After your foundation at strategic points to give the face volume: elevate your cheekbones, open up your eye area, plump your lips or give your nose a pert effect.

The ingredients that make it glow

This is made with 99.5% natural ingredients, 38% of which are organic. That means it won’t irritate the skin or cause you to break out.

We wanted to create a highlighter with titsy tiny light particles. But we also wanted it to have active ingredients that do wonderful things for your skin.

Olive oil

Helps keep it hydrated, nourished and elastic all day long. It’s also packed with antioxidants that slow down our skin’s ageing. Don’t you just love the Mediterranean?

Jojoba oil

To keep skin hydrated, prevent premature ageing and balance out oiliness or dryness.

Rosemary oil

Another antioxidant that’s great for hydration. But the best thing about rosemary is its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties. That means it’s perfect for helping control breakouts at any age. It also helps this highlighter last longer. Rosemary, we are not worthy.

Vitamin E

A natural explosion of antioxidants that helps protect the skin from free radicals. They’re the cause of premature ageing, so we’d rather not get too up close and personal with them. Just promise us you’ll always use sun cream too. Deal?

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