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Renewing multi-active elixir


Regenerate your skin as you rest. Instant relaxation, softness, hydration and radiance

Quantity: 30ml

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Give your skin EVERYTHING it needs for the night ahead with just one product.
Highly effective biotechnology for holistic facial care with added relaxation.

 Clinically proven.

Regenerate your skin as you rest. Instant relaxation, softness, hydration and radiance.


Renewing multi-active elixir


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There’s a lot of talk about renewed skin, but what does that really mean?


"That's how my skin feels after applying it consistently every night.... And if I add to that the smell, which envelops you in such a soft and subtle way.... Nothing more I can add..."

Sonia F.
Verified customer


"Fantastic, leaves the skin elastic, hydrated and rested. I love it and I have quite dry and sensitive skin".

Make-up artist


"With three drops, you get wonderful hydration".


Active ingredients

  • Sensocosmetic active ingredient.
  • Bakuchiol.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Jojoba oil.
  • Cacay oil.
  • Organic grapeseed oil.
  • Organic black cumin seed oil.


  • Naturally derived ingredients: 99.8% 
  • Vegan product.
  • Quantity: 30ml.
  • PAO: 6 months.
  • Application: glass pipette.
  • Packaging: glass and wood. 
  • Store: in a cool place, protected from direct light.
  • Texture: fast-absorbing dry touch oil with a silky finish.
  • Aroma: delicate, with herbal notes that will relax your skin and your mind.
  • Non-comedogenic. 
  • Maximum compatibility: Compatible with any cosmetic ingredient or active ingredient on the market. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.



Sensocosmetic active ingredient

Revive your skin and let your senses relax your mind

This ingredient from the Resurrection Plant (Myrothamnus Flabellifolia) renews your skin, restores its natural glow and relaxes your mind. 

Having seen the results of the clinical studies, singling out just one of its benefits is no mean feat. This powerful active ingredient reinforces your skin barrier, boosting its hydration, softening, soothing and improving its elasticity, and reducing wrinkles and laughter lines.

And that’s not all.

Its aromatic compounds lower your stress levels to relax you and improve your mood. 

Scientifically proven holistic care for your mind and your skin.


The natural, vegan alternative to retinol 

What if you could experience the power of retinol without any of the drawbacks? 

It turns out you can. 

Bakuchiol stimulates your natural production of collagen and reduces its degradation. 

What's more, thanks to its depigmenting and sebum-regulating properties, it improves the appearance of blemishes and acne.

Vitamin E

The antioxidant vitamin that repairs your skin’s epidermis 

Protecting your skin from oxidative stress, evening out your skin tone and improving its texture, helping scars fade and small spots or blemishes disappear.  

Who needs Photoshop?

Jojoba oil

The ceramides that rebuild your skin’s natural barrier

Deeply hydrating, providing elasticity and firmness, soothing any irritation and regulating your skin’s sebum production. 

This oil is a must as it’s packed with ceramides very similar to ours.

Cacay Oil

The active ingredient that will make you forget all about rosehip and argan oil

Thanks to its high content of vitamins A, E and F, it's three times more regenerative than rosehip oil and twice as reparative and antioxidant as argan oil.

Organic Grapeseed Oil

The rebel in the oil family, but also the most powerful healer

Compared to other oils, grapeseed stands out for its curative properties, and how long it lasts.

High in antioxidants, vitamins C, D and E and beta-carotene to restructure your skin, improve its elasticity and minimise fine lines.

Organic black cumin seed oil

A natural way of locking up water in your skin

Replenishing your moisture levels for skin that’s tighter, smoother, softer and more hydrated. 

This oil is also great news for the most sensitive skin: it soothes, prevents and treats acne.  

How to apply it

Give your face just what it needs. No more, no less.

One pipette full is enough to cover your whole face, and for you to notice the effects. 

Use your hands to gently massage the product into your face, working out from the centre. For your neck and décolletage, use upward strokes towards your chin. 

Use it on its own, before moisturising, or mix a few drops into your moisturiser.

And then take a deep breath. Notice the way the subtle scent relaxes your skin and reduces your stress levels.

Answers to some of the questions you might have for us…

Do you need to apply a cream after this product?

There’s no need as its lipidic, non-aqueous formula keeps the active ingredients in contact with your skin. What’s more, the Midnight Elixir gives you all the hydration you’ll need. You only need to use a cream if you want that creamy feeling. 

Can it be used as a primer before applying makeup?

Yes, it’s great for preparing your skin before you apply makeup as it minimises your pores and evens out your skin tone. It hydrates you and gives you a glow, without making your skin greasy, and helps you avoid cracks in your foundation.

Does this elixir oxidise, deteriorate or lose the power of its active ingredients over time?

Once open, we can guarantee its active ingredients will retain all their power for six months (PAO 6M).

Are the active ingredients of the Midnight Elixir all compatible with each other and with other active ingredients?

The formula is totally compatible with any cosmetic ingredient, active or not, that might be present in products on the market. That’s how we make sure we’re making your life easier, as well as delivering a product that really works.

Can I use it if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, we’ve selected and tested its ingredients, their combination and the results with the utmost care to make sure it’s completely suitable for these periods. If you're pregnant or have breastfeeding children, you can use the Midnight Elixir with total peace of mind. 

Does the fact that it’s suitable for sensitive skin make it less effective?

Absolutely not. We’re always questioning the system, and have built a team of experts in cosmetics, and we’ve proven that maximum effectiveness and care for the most sensitive skin can go together hand in glove.

Can I apply this product during the day?

Yes. However, the Midnight Elixir is formulated to reinforce the biological functions of your skin as you sleep, respecting your circadian rhythm. So, we recommend using the Sunrise Serum in the daytime. You can get your hands on your Sunrise + Midnight pack with exclusive perks right here


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