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Saigu Gift Card

Giving cosmetics to a person who is not you gives a bit of vertigo. What if I give her a foundation but she prefers a highlighter? What if I love Nancy blush but she likes Simon better? There are decisions that are better for others to make, and so you forget and go to sleep so peacefully. With the Saigu Gift Card you choose the amount, and the other person decides what is given. How easy.

Saigu Gift Card


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1. Choose the amount

You can choose from 50€ to 150€.

2. Add to cart and make your purchase

Once you have decided the amount you want to give, you just have to add it to the cart and finalize your purchase. It is a very fast process, you just have to choose the payment method, add your details and that's it.

3. You will receive an email with the gift card.

When you receive the email with the Saigu Gift Card you only have to forward it to the person you want to have this detail (If you do not see your email in your inbox, check your spam mail).

It will not be received physically.


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